Workers’ Compensation & Social Security Disability

Were you injured on the job? Are you receiving the medical care you need? Are you being fairly compensated for lost wages? When you are unable to support yourself or your family because of a work-related injury, you are in a tough spot. It gets tougher still when your employer or their workers compensation insurance carrier refuses to help. You need a skilled and knowledgeable workers compensation attorney on your side. If you have been injured at work, whether due to a fall, a machinery accident or overexertion, contact Luxon & Himes for expert advice about your entitlement to workers compensation benefits.

Workers compensation benefits may be available if you are suffering from any injury or illness attributed to your job — whether it is an injury or illness caused by chemical exposure, carpal tunnel syndrome caused by repetitive movement or back pain due to repetitive lifting of heavy objects. In any situation where you have been injured at work and are seeking workers compensation benefits, you should keep in mind that your employer and its insurance carriers might not have your best interests in mind.

Many workers compensation claims go unpaid because the insurance companies have attorneys who fight strenuously to defend their clients, and counsel hired by the injured employee may not fully understand how the workers compensation process works. Unfortunately, injured workers often find it extremely frustrating to fight through the piles of paperwork and to gather all of the records necessary to file a successful claim. At Luxon & Himes, we understand the importance of protecting and ensuring your paycheck, and we aggressively and effectively handle cases to make sure you receive benefits in a timely fashion. If you have been injured at work and have questions about your right to workers compensation benefits, call our office today at 859-623-9529 to schedule a free consultation.

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