Frequently Asked Questions

Luxon & Himes provides focused, thorough representation to individuals and businesses in Richmond and the surrounding communities in central Kentucky. If you are visiting our website, you or a loved one may already need legal advice and representation. Here, we’ll answer a few questions people often have when they’re thinking about hiring a lawyer.

How should I choose a lawyer to represent me?

Before you hire an attorney, it’s important to do some research. Ask for information about your prospective lawyer’s training, education, and experience handling cases similar to yours. Also make sure you understand how you will pay the attorney’s fees and costs. For example, will the lawyer be working on a contingency fee basis, will you be required to pay a flat fee, or will you be billed at an hourly rate?

Find out if you’ll be working with the attorney directly, or if other lawyers or paralegals will be assisting. Watch out for big law firms that initially hand cases off to investigators (not even paralegals) to begin the legal process.

What can I expect when I hire an attorney?

Your lawyer’s job is to work for you as your advocate. He or she should confer with you to pinpoint your legal issue and then research and analyze all available facts and information related to your concern. As work proceeds on your behalf, your attorney should keep you informed about what is going on in your case and answer any questions you have.

Your attorney should be straightforward with you when discussing possible outcomes in your case, including potential adverse consequences along with the best case scenario. He or she should also provide you with a realistic timeframe for resolving your case.

Will I have to go to court if I file a claim for injuries or damages?

We understand that going to court is a daunting prospect you likely want to avoid. Therefore, in most cases, we strategically negotiate with insurance companies and/or the opposition’s attorney(s) to achieve a settlement offer that reflects what your case is worth. You then have the option to accept the offer, and you won’t have to go to court.

If, however, an insurance company or at-fault party refuses to settle for an acceptable amount, it may be in your best interests to proceed to trial. In fact, we advise against hiring a lawyer who is only interested in settling cases, as you may not receive maximum compensation for your damages.

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